NL Cookbook

Endives with Bacon - Andijvie met Spek

A version of the popular "stamppot" where green leafy vegetables are mixed with mashed potatoes

  • potatoes (choose a crumbly potato that mashes well)
  • cubes of smoked bacon
  • endives
  • optional: chopped onions

Boil potatoes until they crumble. Fry the cubes of bacon in a saucepan, add chopped onions if required. Mash potatoes with some margarine and milk until smooth, cut the (unboiled) endive in small pieces and mix through the mashed potato. Mix the bacon in and serve with a nice, thick gravy. Traditionally the mash is arranged on the plate in a doughnut shape and the middle filled with gravy.

Tip: for variation other vegetables can be used instead of endives such as leeks or spinach. Harder vegatables should be boiled with the potatoes in the same pan before mashing. Try leaving out the bacon and serve with sausages or pork chops.