NL Cookbook

Traditional Dutch recipes giving an authentic taste of Holland

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Vegetable Soup - Groentesoep

A clear vegetable soup for a starter or snack

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Pea Soup with Celery - Erwtensoep met Selderij

A substantial winter soup eaten as a main meal

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Endives with Bacon - Andijvie met Spek

A version of the popular "stamppot" where green leafy vegetables are mixed with mashed potatoes

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Sauerkraut with Smoked Sausage - Zuurkool met Rookworst

Sauerkraut is a popular ingredient in Dutch cooking

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Red Cabbage - Rode Kool

A truly special addition to meat dishes. For 4 servings

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Hunter's Stew - Jachtschotel

A rich, warming winter stew. For 4 servings

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Stewed Steak - Haché

A hearty meat dish. For 4 servings

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Dutch Apple Pudding - Appeltaart

A delicious apple pie variation

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Dutch Spice Cake - Kruidkoek

A tasty cake variation which provides a real taste of Holland