Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the NL Planet website


We take the issue of privacy seriously. This site has no need to collect personal information so we make a point of not asking for it or gathering it without your knowledge.

Correspondence and contributions

E-mail addresses and personal details of correspondents and contributors will be used for admin purposes only. They will not be made public to third parties in any way.

Material accepted by NL Planet from contributors can be published without mention of the contributor's personal details provided a name and address are supplied to NL Planet with the initial contribution.


All contact details are kept solely for admin purposes, including an e-mail list of all NL Planet advertisers for any important advertising news or updates relating to the service they receive from NL Planet. This internal list will never be passed on to third parties in any way. The advertiser will obviously have the last say on which contact details are to be published in their own adverts on the NL Planet website.


Some sites make money by passing on your personal details to advertising agencies and market research organisations by the use of spyware cookies or secret referrals to other websites. NL Planet will never resort to these underhand tactics.