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Business & Finance
Help with personal and corporate finances and tax, and other business matters

Expat Food Shops
Food suppliers giving expats a taste of home

Housing & Accommodation
Services based in Holland offering housing or accomodation for sale, rent or lease

Job Agencies & Employment
General and specialised employment agencies and recruitment services

Digital Media
Digital media, entertainment and internet services

Health & Well-being
Health, counselling and coaching services

Education, Schools, Courses
Expat schools, business schools, Dutch language-learning facilities and more

Expat specialists and Dutch healthcare insurance providers

Expat Publications
Magazines and other printed media aimed at English speakers in NL

Professional Networking
Established networks for professionals working in Holland

Pubs & Restaurants
Pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues

Import & Export
Companies dealing in international trade with links to Holland

Tourism,Travel & Relocation
Services for expats and tourists travelling to and from Holland

Other services and companies which do not fit into our main categories