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The fact that you have reached this page tells us you have some connection to Holland. The fact that it is in English also says that that is your preferred (internet?) language, as there are plenty Dutch language blogs out there as well.

You may be simply interested in finding out some relevant information about Holland, perhaps you are thinking of coming here on holiday or to live and work. If so, we hope you find something here and wish you happy browsing.

However, it may be you live here already or have lived here in the past, or have some other kind of connection with Holland – you may have family or friends here and visit regularly or would like to visit.

If you do live here, we would love to hear from you. We are always on the lookout for new contributors to our blogs, the more the merrier as this broadens the scope of the blogs. We are interested in how other people view Holland and would like to pass your thoughts on to our visitors so they can benefit from your experiences.

Even if you have never visited Holland but would like to write about it from outside, as it were, feel free to get in touch.

We hope we have provided a suitable vehicle for our writers and we do our best to support them with any kind of advice, be it on subjects to blog about or help with good English, for example.

We can assure you that all contributions will be carefully considered.

You may wish only to submit one single blog post on a certain topic, that is no problem. You may also wish to submit many posts on different subjects, again, that is fine by us. And if you should wish to publish a whole series of blogs on one theme, we may even provide a whole category for your posts as we have done with Lizelle.

Start your writing career here and make a difference by sharing your views with the rest of the world!