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Insider’s guides to the Netherlands and life in Holland

Guides based on real-life experience here in Holland and reflect changing trends and opinions amongst the Dutch.

A guide to the principal Dutch public holidays and festivals

A country’s choice of public holidays and the way they are celebrated can tell you a lot about the people. The history behind some of these special days reveals even more surprising facts.

Traditional Dutch recipes giving an authentic taste of Holland

The recipes in this section were provided by a typical Dutch housewife. We wanted to offer you an authentic taste of Holland so we asked for the most popular, everyday dishes rather than restaurant food or meals for special occasions.

Commercial services for English-speaking Holland and beyond

We list commercial services, most of them based in Holland, who provide services of interest to expats, travellers and emigrees. These companies are more than happy to do business in English.

Links for people seeking English language info on Holland

We maintain a categorised list of sites for people seeking English language information on Holland. Suggestions for this list are always welcome.